Here are links to stuff I wrote. There's plenty more if you search google. I'm lazy.


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Alternative Press Magazine

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Joey Ramone Obit

NFL Street Review

Warhammer Review

Medal Of Honor Infiltrator Review

Ratchet & Clank 2 Review

My Little Pony

Damned Interview

Doug Cawker Interview


Woo Woo

Samurai Jack/Unreal Tournement 2004

NBA Ballers

Punk Rock Jihad

Infiniti QX56 Review!

Desert Living Christmas Gift Guide!

Video Game Gift Guide 2004

Martha Stewart Cooking

Tiger Woods Pro PGA Tour 2004 Review

Ramone For A Day (unedited)

Terrorist Training (unedited)

Mini Record Reviews (NY Press)

Demolition Man (unedited)

Winning Seven Eleven Review