I'm starting a new page here.....photos of you and my books. I got the idea from my dog, Scooter, and a friend on Myspace! So Email me your photos and I'll put them up. Please put "George Tabb" in the subject line so I'll open the letter! Also, let's keep this rated PG-13!! Thanks and Yay!!!!

Scooter and PRF!

Genna and Tiny!

Shefire from Hawaii and PRF! (My book gets more *action* than me!)

The Wonderful Ava and some silly book!


Tigi & The Book!

Pinto & His Brother!!!!

Furry Good Reading with Ashley too!

Fun South Of The Border!

You go, Forrest!!!

Giant Rodent Down Under Reading Up!

Monk And His Mohawk!

Luke And Luca! (Interesting story here....Luke used my book and a George Look-a-like as part of a book report! Yay!!!!!)

Houdini is "all ears" for my books!!! Wait!!! Another giant rodent????

Lilly Loves Laying Around and Reading!

Ben From Brooklyn Rocks!

The Fantastic Claire!