Who Is George Tabb??

It seems every writer who has a web page has some sort of bio. So I guess I might as well, too. Although, I'm not sure what to put up. Besides my dog.


Born: December 10th in Brooklyn, New York

Education: Robin Hood Nursery School on Long Island. Parkway Elemantary in Greenwich, Connecticut. Central Junior High School in Greenwich, Connecticut. Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Connecticut. Leon High School in Tallahassee, Florida. University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. Hunter College in New York City. More University of Floriduh. Then the streets, clubs, and dumpsters of our mighty nation.


Career: Paper boy for Greenwich Time. Bagboy at Publix (never quite made it to stock boy). Horse poop and pee cleaner at Tallahassee stable. Phone answer guy. Secretary. Trade Finance Flunkee. Uncle's gopher at investment firm. Burger King "crew". Home restorer. Art Gallery Guard. Bicycle Factory Worker. And lots of other jobs that paid the minimum wage or under as well!


Writing History: Started writing for Maximum Rock n Roll over 15 years ago, after putting out my own fanzine. Went on to write regularly for New York Press and Guitar World, Phoenix New Times. Have also written for Ocean Drive, Details, Complex, Mojo, Revolver, and plenty of other glossy magazines that smell nice and have pages that stick together. Author of 3 books: "Playing Righ Field", "Surfing Armageddon", and "Take My Life, Please - Chroniques"


Music History: Started seminal punk/hardcore band Roach Motel. Went on to tour and put records out with Atoms For Peace, False Prophets, Letch Patrol, Gynecologists, Ayatollahas Of Rock n Roll, Iron Prostate, Skyrat, Furious George and various other projects (including a very short stint in The Ramones. Very short!). Main song-writer in most bands.


Television History: Had cable television show called DESTROY TELEVISION on the air in New York City for over ten years - and reached over 8 million people a week (was also on E! Entertaint TV). And it still didn't get me on the subway for free. CLICK ON PICTURES for more fun!

MTV Promo (1986)

CoCourt TV (1999)C

Bleaching With Blondie
(Destroy TV)


Movie History: Played "Spider" in Spike Lee's "Summer Of Sam". Wrote "Hello From The Gutters" along with serial killer Davey ("quit that barking")Berkowitz, and played in a band in the movie with Adrian Brody and Jennifer Esposito. Click On Picture!


George Tabb, Jennifer Esposito, Adrain Brody


Activist History: Started working with "Rock Against Racism" when it first began. Later did lots of protesting, and playing live events including a riot in the South Bronx, and one near that huge statue in Washington, D.C., where they came after us in helicopters, on horseback, and on motorcycles. More riots and activism after that, including trying to get New York City cleaned after 9/11.


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